If it must be plastic, then it must be recycled!

The use of plastic haunts anyone who is seriously committed to the environment. Once heralded as an invention of the century, this supposedly practical, everyday material first began to be criticised in the 1960s. That’s because the manufacturing of plastic requires large amounts of crude oil and has high CO2 emissions. What’s more, the synthetic plastics cannot be reintroduced into biological cycles. However, it is only recently that as the countless, monstrous mountains of waste have grown, so too has the awareness of many people for the need for a radical shift away from the throw-away mentality when it comes to plastics. This is the only way to keep our planet from drowning in plastic.

Our clean response:

sodasan can’t completely avoid plastic just yet because many of our products are liquid. However, we are actively helping to prevent even more virgin plastic from being produced. In the meantime, the majority of our plastic packaging has been converted to recyclate.


This change has allowed us to make big cuts. Since 2015 we have already saved approx. 1,800 tonnes of CO2 and 567 tonnes of crude oil. For us, however, this is just the beginning... the no-plastic show must go on!