Two generations of activists – one objective: a clean world.

If we think back about 40 Years ago, society was undergoing radical change. In the wake of 1968 new ways of living were tried, peace, gender equality, anti-nuclear and ecology were the hot topics. People were ready for change in all areas of society. To offer ecological alternatives to the “whiter than white” products from the large industrial players was the motivation of Kerstin Stromberg & Jürgen Hack, the founders of sodasan.
For years governments and big industrial players have done little but talk about measures to reduce climate change and to stop the plastic flood. So the youth has taken matters into their own hands and are addressing the overarching issues. Ecology is just as important to them as it was to us back then. We appreciate this movement and hope that it will lead to a change in social values.
We are now being called to support the youth and to do our part. Which is why we have developed a Limited Edition called “One Ocean”. We donate a percentage of sales proceeds from these products to our partner Ozeankind®. In Ozeankind® we have found an NGO that shares our goal: a clean world.


Let's pitch in together – for oceans without plastic!


Marina und Michael
founders of Ozeankind®

What are we waiting for?

We have to be part of the solution!


The idea behind Ozeankind® came about on a trip across the Indian Ocean. It was here that Marina and Michael saw the gravity of the problem first hand: the ocean was full of rubbish and plastic. The question they asked themselves was "What are we waiting for?" The answer was obvious! “No one is coming to save the ocean for us. We need to be part of the solution!” Then and there, they declared their commitment towards the Earth’s oceans and ditched their office jobs in favour of lives as visionaries and activists. When they founded Ozeankind®, the two of them had started a movement: at Ozeankind®, everyone can pitch in and be part of the solution. Changing the world together is the very philosophy behind the partnership between sodasan and Ozeankind®. We support their initiative and make a donation to the cause for every Limited Edition One Ocean product sold.


Clean up your own backyard!

The Ozeankind® community regularly organises CleanUps at 11 different bases throughout Germany and Austria. Every piece of plastic rubbish that is picked up from the environment – whether it be from riverbanks, forests or cities – is one less piece of plastic that ends up as microplastic in the ocean.

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CleanUp in paradise!

To bring the growing trash problem in Zanzibar under control, two SwopShops have been set up to help people help themselves. Here, children can exchange plastic bottles they have gathered for school supplies or other useful goods. Since 2019 Ozeankind® has removed a staggering 600.000 plastic bottles from the environment.

Ozeankind® at school.

In Germany kids are at the core of the work of Ozeankind® Because kids are our greatest Plastikrebellen®. They are able to influence their parents’ decisions and are also the adults of tomorrow. The things they change fuel hope for the future.

One Ocean – Limited Edition

The refreshing scent of our Limited Edition One Ocean is a tribute to the oceans of this world. As pure and clear as the sea’s deep blue.

A percentage of sales proceeds from these products are donated to Ozeankind®