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sodasan shines in the ÖKOTEST eco-friendly product tests


We may be convinced that our products are “the clean way to clean”, but when the high quality of our products earns them an award from an independent testing organisation, we have every reason to be delighted. With five “very good” and “good” commendations from ÖKOTEST, confirm that we are on the right track.

Oekotessieger Fluessigseife

Gentle cleansing with soap: 100% natural. 100% organic.


Hands need to be washed regularly – and thoroughly! At the height of the coronavirus pandemic, ÖKOTEST put 55 liquid soaps to the test (01/2021 issue) to find out which of the many everyday soaps offers us the best protection. The sodasan mild Lavender & Olive Vegetable Soap was rated “very good”.


When it comes to sustainability, sodasan liquid soap leads the pack, with 100% of ingredients of agricultural origin sourced from certified organic farming.

Seeing clearly amid the chemical jungle.


Can you enjoy clean windows and mirrors without polluting the environment? Yes, you can – and with “very good” results! Our Glass & Surface Cleaner came out shining in the ÖKOTEST 04/2021 issue, where it received the “very good” rating. While other cleaners spray microplastics and other chemical potions on surfaces, our ingredients and packaging are focused on sustainability.

The 100 ml refill concentrate saves 82% plastic waste compared to the original bottle. Refill concentrates are also available for the Kitchen Cleaner and Shower & Bath Cleaner. What’s more, spray bottles and refill bottles are made from post-consumer recycled PET.

Oekotessieger Fluessigseife

The smart way to wash hair. Without plastic.


A growing number of consumers are choosing hair soaps or shampoo bars. ÖKOTEST magazine tested these products for the first time in its 9/2020 issue. sodasan Organic Rosemary Hair Soap emerged with the rating “very good”. With an organic content of 80%, the sodasan hair soap leaves other hair soaps standing with respect to sustainability. The particularly well-balanced natural formula is enriched with extracts of organic cassava root, organic coconut and organic rosemary.

sodasan hair soaps are packaged in sustainable grass paper and come in two different varieties: Rosemary and Fragrance-free.

There’s nothing aggressive about our toilet cleaners.


A good toilet cleaner removes all built-up limescale and urine deposits. However, it doesn’t necessarily need strong, aggressive ingredients such as hydrochloric and formic acid to do so. The sodasan Citrus Toilet Cleaner not only excels on a hygienic level, it also combats unpleasant odours and leaves your bathroom fresh and bright. The citric acid removes limescale and other deposits without leaving any residue. sodasan achieves perfect cleanliness with natural ingredients, as confirmed by the “good” rating in the 7/2021 issue of ÖKOTEST.

All bottles of the sodasan cleaners are made from 100% recycled post-consumer PE or PET.

Allzweck Reiniger

All-Purpose Cleaner – eliminating dirt without toxins.


The sodasan All-Purpose Cleaner, one of the most sustainable products tested in the 05/2021 issue, removes dirt effectively without polluting the environment. Overall, ÖKOTEST confirmed that this product is indeed a “good” all-rounder. The All-Purpose Cleaner leaves surfaces sparklingly clean. Its natural ingredients, which were commended as “very good”, are a key benefit and enable clean cleaning – without harmful fragrances, allergy-causing preservatives, formaldehyde or halogen-organic compounds.


And we fill it of course in a bottle made from 100% post consumer recycled material.

Join us on our mission to clean the clean way!