No petrochemicals

We say “no” to “no future”!

Crude oil has two faces: Developed over thousands of years, under high pressure and without light or air, this substance is of natural origin. When it remains deep below the surface, it can do no harm. But when crude oil is being extracted, nature pays a bitter price. The ecological equilibrium is destroyed, and it is barely possible for natural microorganisms to break down the oil.


Since neither crude oil nor many of its derivatives can be integrated into natural material cycles (after all, plastic will never transform back into crude oil) and as endless amounts of CO2 are being emitted, the linear petroleum extraction process inevitably reaches its limit. The limit for our environment has long since been surpassed. Sadly, we regularly consume many, many more natural resources than our earth can provide. The Earth Overshoot Day marks the specific date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in a year – last year it fell on 03/05/2020 for Germany.


Simply put, we consume the equivalent of three earths in Germany each year. There is no future in using products made from crude oil and the practice threatens our planet.

Petrochemical Industry – an environmental impasse:
Finite resources such as crude oil, but with
staggering amounts of carbon emissions.

Our clean response:

The use of petrochemical raw materials is a no-go for us. Therefore the synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, petrochemical and semi-petrochemical surfactants, optical brighteners, petrochemical bleach activators and microplastics frequently found in conventional and pseudo-green products don’t stand a chance at sodasan.