Natural ingredients

Nothing but nature, naturally!

It’s pretty convenient for us humans that we can completely remove stains from a white blouse and that crusted-over dishes basically become sparkling clean as if by magic. Unfortunately, there’s a dirty secret behind it all: If detergents and cleaners full of petrochemical ingredients, microplastic and enzymes are used for this everyday luxury, then these harmful components inevitably end up in our environment via your drain. Raw materials extracted from crude oil also have a negative effect on the climate. And yet, you don’t even need aggressive chemicals to get rid of the dirt in your laundry.

Our clean response:

In order to keep the impact on ecosystems as low as possible, we only use the cleaning power of natural raw materials in our innovative, high-performing formulations.

That’s because renewable raw materials are the only way to keep the biological cycle a closed loop. The raw materials we use find their way back to nature and are also carbon neutral. By using renewable raw materials, we are contributing to the preservation of biological diversity and protect the climate.


The right scent for a clean planet

Follow your nose – do you sometimes select detergents or cosmetic products based on their scent? The formula seems easy enough: Products that smell fresh get things properly clean. However, this philosophy rarely is the clean way. More than anything, the trend for long-lasting fragrances can come at a high price for the environment. The mostly artificial fragrances are contained in tiny capsules most of which are composed of synthetic polymers – microplastics! These capsules adhere to your laundry and burst to release their fragrance, when rubbed against your skin. The mini capsules stay in the fibres of your clothes until they eventually end up in the environment with your next load of washing. Does that sound like clean to you?


Our clean response:

We only use natural fragrances and essential oils, many of which are even certified organic. If you are prone to allergies or have particularly sensitive skin, our Sensitive range is just the ticket: 0% fragrance for 100% comfort.