Pure and simple: The clean way to clean!

We’ve always known that there is a consistent way to go through life with a clean slate and a clean ecological conscience. This aspiration planted the seed for the idea of sodasan, an idea that continues to grow today. Nearly forty years later, humanity is facing its greatest challenge of all time: the preservation of the ecosystem of our planet, for us and for future generations! Sticking our heads in the sand or pointing fingers aren’t the solution. We are convinced that every one of us can make a big difference by taking small steps. And we want to inspire and motivate others to do just that.

Join us in saving our planet, simply by cleaning the clean way!

Kerstin Stromberg & Jürgen Hack
Founders and owners


Ackergifte? Nein Danke!


To demonstrate our commitment to organic farming practices, sodasan joins the 'Alliance for our Grandchildren’s Future' (Bündnis für eine enkeltaugliche Landwirtschaft”).

With the 'Pesticides? No thanks!' campaign, we are the first non-food manufacturer to work towards an ecological turnaround in agriculture so that future generations can also enjoy unpolluted food.

Entrepreneurs for Future


Flying the flag for 'Entrepreneurs for Future'

The future affects all of us. That is why we joined forces with the 'Entrepreneurs for Future' movement. We stand strong with 'Fridays for Future' and support the demands of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Plastik sparen


Saving tonnes of plastic with sustainable packaging

In autumn 2019, we changed our bulk packaging from plastic canisters to our sustainable bag-in-box packaging.
As a result, we are saving the environment at least 6.4 tonnes of plastic waste as well as tonnes of crude oil and CO2 each year.



Ecology meets economy: sodasan joins UnternehmensGrün – Germany's Federal Association of Green Business

For members of this organisation ecology and economy go hand in hand. Just the ticket for how we like to act. Since our founding, consistent sustainability, as opposed to maximising earnings, has been our top priority.




Cool on the outside, clean on the inside: Launch of the new packaging design at the BIOFACH

Following the results of an in depth market research study, we decided to create an entirely new look. The sodasan brand got an extensive facelift, giving the packaging a modern, sleek design that focuses on performance and our holistic, sustainable approach.

Mission Zero


Setting sail for 'mission zero': sodasan supports Voyage 4 of the AVONTUUR sailing cargo vessel

Timbercoast founder Cornelius Bockermann – a steadfast sustainability pioneer like sodasan – and his crew transport goods across the ocean using wind power on board their sailing cargo vessel AVONTUUR. This is a sustainable alternative to heavy oil-fuelled ocean freighters.

More about the initiative

Nature Care Product


Setting the bar even higher: sodasan transitions to NCP certification

The 'Nature Care Product' (NCP) standard provides a comprehensive and strict set of criteria. This certification comes closest to our own commitment to 'the clean way to clean'.

More about our certifications



Stand-out sustainability: sodasan is awarded the National German Sustainability Award 2018.

As winner of the SME category, we are honoured as a regional production operation and an important influencer and innovator for green detergents and cleaning products. As a pioneer in sustainability, we are recognised for our holistic, responsible business practices and our innovative product development.

Certified Sustainable Economics (CSE)


CSE certification gives sodasan the green light for clean business practices

Certified Sustainable Economics (CSE) is a corporate certification that not only clearly states that our products comply with the highest ecological standards, but that our corporate leadership also follows social and ethical principles.

More about our certifications



Our own block-type thermal power station (BTTP) is another building block in our green energy strategy

The BTTP is one step closer to more ecology and efficacy. It converts wind gas (obtained from Greenpeace Energy) into electricity and heat. As a result, we cover our electricity and use the heat to produce our organic soaps in a low-temperature saponification process.

More about our carbon neutral production

B.A.U.M. Umweltpreis


Jürgen Hack receives the B.A.U.M. Environmental Prize*

"As company founder, Jürgen Hack personifies the classic sustainability pioneer(...). It is to his credit that, in addition to organic food, environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaning supplies are now on the radar.” If this jury statement isn't enough to motivate you...

*In the 'Small and Medium-sized Companies' category



A more eco-friendly option: sodasan now uses plastic bottles made of PET and PE recyclate.

By choosing to re-use, we are helping to reduce the production of virgin plastic. As a result, we save tonnes of CO2 and crude oil.

More about sodasan’s commitment to recycling



A soft spot for seals: sodasan becomes a supporting member of the Norddeich Seal Sanctuary

Baby seals are orphaned each year due to humans disrupting and destroying their natural habitat. We support the work of the sanctuary right on our doorstep with sponsorships. It is our contribution to protect the species and preserve the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More about the initiative



We can do without crude oil: sodasan uses bottles made from GREEN PE for its top-sellers

To protect the climate and our resources we use polyethylene made from renewable raw materials (GREEN PE) for our packaging. GREEN PE is made from ethanol, which is derived from sugar cane. This plastic has a significantly lower carbon footprint than PE from crude oil.

Greenpeace Energy


Neither coal nor nuclear: our power is green and comes from Green Planet Energy

The Germany-wide energy cooperative provides us with power from hydroelectric power stations and wind power. We invest in renewable energy production to reduce our carbon footprint.

Umzug Uplengen


News from the North: sodasan moves to Uplengen in Ostfriesland

As we continue to grow, our premises in Apen become too small. A modern building, a former paint factory, awaits us just a few kilometres down the road in Uplengen. This provides us with the space for modern laboratories with lots of room for research and development.



It’s great to be green: sodasan is climate neutral

Reducing greenhouse gases is one of our key motivations. We offset any of our unavoidable CO2 emissions with reforestation projects run by PrimaKlima e.V. This not-for-profit association has certified us as a 'climate-neutral site'.

More about our certifications


It’s official: sodasan is the first detergent manufacturer to be certified organic

A pioneering spirit is within every fibre of our DNA. Therefore we were the first manufacturer in the detergent and cleaning supplies market to receive an organic certification.

More about our certifications



Off to the idyllic Ammerland

An old farmhouse in the small town of Apen in Niedersachsen, Germany, becomes sodasan’s new home. Ten milk sheep and their 20 lambs from the Göttingen Collective make the move with us.

Umzug Ammerland
Öko Pionier


The journey begins: sodasan is founded in the spirit of the environmental and peace movement

Effective AND environmentally friendly: By making their own dishwashing detergent and scouring powder, Kerstin Stromberg and Jürgen Hack prove for the first time that their idea is viable. As you can imagine, production in the “Göttingen Collective” is still makeshift and strenuous. The ingredients for the scouring powder are mixed in a cement mixer, filled by hand and the labels are attached one at a time.