A gentle clean with real soap
100% natural. 100% certified organic.


Washing hands regularly and thoroughly is critical – especially now!


That is why ÖKOTEST put 55 liquid soaps to the test in its 01/2021 edition to find out which of these everyday aids provide the best protection. The sodasan mild Lavender & Olive Vegetable Soap was rated “very good”. When it comes to sustainability, sodasan is at the forefront: 100% of the ingredients of agricultural origin are from certified organic farming.



Not all soap is created equal!


Auch Though several of the 55 liquid soaps tested by ÖKOTEST received the “very good” rating, it is worth scrutinising their list of ingredients to find out how eco these products really are. From a chemical standpoint, many of the tested products were not really soaps. The cleansing substances used were often near-natural or synthetic surfactants.


Die The carefully balanced natural composition of our mild vegetable soap, on the other hand, is based on pure, certified organic oils of the highest quality.  In a gentle, low-temperature saponification process, following the traditional art of soap manufacturing, certified organic sunflower- and certified organic olive oil are turned into soap in our eco-friendly plant in Ostfriesland.


This process creates liquid soap as a cleansing substance and glycerine as a moisturiser. All of the glycerine remains in the soap and softens the skin while cleaning. Due to their natural composition, our liquid soaps are self-preserving and no additional preservatives are needed. To create our “very good” Lavender & Olive Liquid Soap, the mild soap base is finished with organic lavandin essential oil.

Gentle cleansing with soap.


Soap degrades quickly and completely.
Compared to all other cleansing substances, real soap offers an unbeatable eco advantage: when used, it binds with the lime that is naturally dissolved in water, to create what is called lime soap or soap scum. This means that the soap loses its surface-active properties and its effects on living organisms are neutralised. Microorganisms in wastewater then completely break down the lime soap into CO2 and water.



Uplifting scents.


Our vegan liquid soaps are available in six varieties:

  • Lavender & Olive: a relaxed, sunny cleansing experience thanks to notes of Mediterranean lavender from certified organic essential oils
  • Citrus & Olive: a refreshing cleansing experience thanks to fresh citrus notes from essential oils Rose & Olive: a sensuous cleansing experience thanks to flowery notes from essential oils
  • Magnolia & Olive: a fresh spring cleansing experience thanks to floral notes from essential oils
  • Limited Edition Northern Light: natural fragrance inspired by the incredible dance of the northern lights
  • Sensitive: developed for people with sensitive skin and allergies, Sensitive is free from perfumes and dyes.