Pure and simple: The clean way to clean!

We’ve always known that there is a consistent way to go through life with a clean slate and a clean ecological conscience. This aspiration planted the seed for the idea of sodasan, an idea that continues to grow today. Nearly forty years later, humanity is facing its greatest challenge of all time: the preservation of the ecosystem of our planet, for us and for future generations! Sticking our heads in the sand or pointing fingers aren’t the solution. We are convinced that every one of us can make a big difference by taking small steps. And we want to inspire and motivate others to do just that.

Join us in saving our planet, simply by cleaning the clean way!

Kerstin Stromberg & Jürgen Hack
Founders and owners



sodasan shines in the ÖKOTEST eco-friendly product tests

We may be convinced that our products are “the clean way to clean”, but when the high quality of our products earns them an award from an independent testing organisation, we have every reason to be delighted. With five “very good” and “good” commendations from ÖKOTEST, confirm that we are on the right track.


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Pure Joy


Pure Joy

A bright, vibrant fragrance: our new, limited-edition Pure Joy.

Available as room fragrance, liquid soap and bar soap.

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Certain things are just meant to be – like the partnership between sodasan and Ozeankind®. We are united by the same goal: a clean world.

Changing the world together is the very philosophy behind the partnership between sodasan and Ozeankind®. We support their initiative and make a donation to the cause for every Limited Edition One Ocean product sold.

Let's pitch in together – for oceans without plastic!




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Naturally clean as a matter of principle.

It started with a kiss: As activists in the environmental, peace and anti-nuclear movement, Jürgen Hack and Kerstin Stromberg met and fell in love in the early 80s. With a handful of their fellow activists, they embarked on their mission 'the clean way to clean'. Their goal: to offer ecological alternatives to the 'whiter than white' products from the large industrial players. Even back then, the founding team was already certain that you can win in business without sacrificing the environment. The rest is exciting history, which we are still continuing to write.

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Our promise for preserving the planet.

100% Natürliche Inhaltsstoffe

Green and pure instead of harsh chemicals: We harness the cleansing power of natural raw materials –nearly half of which are certified organic.

100% CO2-neutral

Renewable energy plus reforestation: To protect the climate, our eco-friendly production plant in Ostfriesland is carbon neutral.

100% recycled

Too good to use just once: Our plastic bottles are made from recycled PET or recycled PE.

95% weniger Plastikmüll

Refills, not landfills: With our sustainable bag-in-box packaging, you can save up to 92% of plastic waste (compared to the original product).

0% Mikroplastik

Join us in our 'no plastic' mission: We do not use any microplastic or water-soluble plastics in our products.

0% Petrochemie

Crude oil? No thanks! When it comes to maintaining the ecological balance and preserving natural resources, we believe that petrochemical ingredients are a no-go.

The clean way to clean! With sodasan.

From dishwasher to environmentalist – you can do it too!
Say adieu to wishy-washy green household products and join us in our mission for a cleaner way to clean
using our strictly eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products.

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Matters of the heart


We stand firmly behind people, companies and campaigns that advocate for the protection of our planet and create genuine awareness for sustainability in our society. So we're even happier when environmentalists choose to use sodasan products – such as these two fantastic initiatives, which are both close to our hearts:




Setting sail for Mission Zero!

Did you know that the international shipping industry emits more CO2 each year than the entire Federal Republic of Germany?! If we ever want to end this, we have to start getting behind more sustainable alternatives. The Timbercoast - Cargo Under Sail initiative is doing just that: With the sailing cargo vessel AVONTUUR. Founder Cornelius Bockermann and his crew use the power of the wind to transport goods across the ocean. That way, they demonstrate that there is a sustainable alternative to cargo ships, which are fuelled with heavy crude oil and resemble floating hazardous waste tankers. Just like our mission 'the clean way to clean' anchors ecological responsibility in everyday life, Timbercoast sets sail for environmental protection.

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'Sea' the value of natural habitats!

The Wadden Sea of Niedersachsen is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a marine protection reserve that is home to common and grey seals. Sadly, every year, up to 150 pups are separated from their mothers, because humans carelessly invade their natural habitat. This is when the Norddeich Seal Sanctuary springs into action: Volunteer vets and helpers care for these little pups until they are big enough to be released into the wild of the North Sea. We support this important work by sponsoring seals. This way we help protect the species and help to preserve this unique natural paradise right at our doorstep.

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