The sodasan
purity law

How things are done at sodasan

(and we don’t settle for anything less)

Our motto, 'the clean way to clean', gets straight to the point of what sodasan is all about. For us, everything revolves around genuine ecological action, and how we can counteract climate change in our own way. This starts with the procurement of clean raw materials and continues with the clean production in our eco-friendly plant in Ostfriesland and right through to the biodegradability of our products.

Our corporate values are more than just empty promises. Our goal is to interact responsibly and with great care with our planet, our fellow citizens and future generations. Part of this promise is also the efficacy of our products. We want you to love them on the spot. We focus on the best solutions from an ecological standpoint and are constantly working on minimising our ecological footprint.

This is what we stand for and what pushes us forward.