Washing green instead of greenwashing

Sadly many seals and certificates aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. Unfortunately, the same can be said about many sustainability labels. Can’t get any greener? Think again! At sodasan, we have never been ones for half measures! That is why we closely examine the entire life cycle of our products – starting with the origins of our raw materials and the way our products are manufactured. Of course, we also look into the question of what happens to our products after they have disappeared down the drain so that they can be broken down easily and completely and are reintegrated into natural cycles.


When it comes to stringent closed-loop processes, no one is as strict as we are with ourselves. Therefore, our products are only given certifications that offer you real security.

Our environmental certifications
guarantee green action.

Nature Care Product

Clean criteria with no ifs and buts: The Nature Care Product (NCP) standard and its counterpart, the Natural Cosmetics Standard (NCS) set the bar as high as our promise of 'the clean way to clean'. It demands 100% natural ingredients and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions as well as fomulations that are free from petrochemicals, genetic engineering, enzymes and microplastics, this independent not-for-profit testing organisation provides a strict, comprehensive set of criteria.

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CSE - Certified Sustainable Economics

A sustainability pioneer with foresight: Since 2016, we are also certified according to the CSE standard (Certified Sustainable Economics) and the entire company is ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems-certified. This seal not only proves that our products meet the highest ecological standards, but also that the company’s management is based on ethical and social principles. A genuine, comprehensive view, that is testament to the fact that whoever bears the CSE seal also bears responsibility – for our nature and for our society. That sounds just like sodasan. We are not letting up and we continue to go the extra mile every day so that we can contribute to a liveable future.

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Animal-friendly: With the vegan label, we are also paying respect to the animal kingdom – after all, animals are as much a part of our planet as every human and every plant. All sodasan products, except for gall soap, bear the well-known logo of the Vegan Society, recognised as the gold standard for animal-friendliness around the world.
This trademark is a reliable indicator that a product does not contain any animal-based ingredients. What’s more, it confirms that we do not conduct any animal testing ourselves, nor do we contract such testing to other parties.

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CSE - Certified Sustainable Economics

It’s neat to be neutral. We feel responsible for climate protection and are living up to our trailblazing role. The not-for-profit association PRIMAKLIMA e.V. has certified us as a 'climate-neutral site'. We offset our unavoidable CO2 emissions in cooperation with PRIMAKLIMA by way of certified reforestation projects that are subject to equally high external standards.
PRIMAKLIMA only works with companies that conduct business according to strict, high social and ecological standards.

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