Climate protection / C02 emissions

Have no fear, atmosphere!

When it comes to sustainability, probably nothing is discussed as fiercely and heatedly as the topic of CO2. We are absolutely convinced that greenhouse gas is the main cause of global warming, which, in turn, causes the Arctic ice to melt, destroys unique ecosystems and shifts entire climate zones, just to name a few of the dramatic consequences. Reduce, reduce, reduce... this must be our motto. But we have to be vigilant. That’s because CO2 traps are hiding everywhere. Whether it's the purchasing of raw materials, production, supply chains, packaging or disposal – the carbon footprint can be larger, smaller or, at best, non-existent over the entire product cycle.

Our clean response:

We are doing everything we can to fight the greenhouse effect. Our very own block heat power station – operated using wind gas from Green Planet Energy – and our own photovoltaic system supplies our eco-friendly plant with the majority of our energy requirements. We cover the rest with green electricity from Green Planet Energy. To offset our remaining CO2 emissions, we have joined forces with PRIMAKLIMA to support a reforestation project in Uganda. This not-for-profit association has certified us as a 'climate-neutral site'. And yet, we don't use this as an excuse to rest on our laurels. We will continue to stay focussed on our efforts and further optimise our energy strategies.